Staying in Pontocho
means seeing a Hanamachi
as it really is

Beckoned by the lanterns, you walk along the stone pavement. You pass through a shop curtain and have a drink. When people speak of Pontocho, it is often about the nightlife. Yet what does the district look like during the daytime? After you enjoy a lively night out in Pontocho, why not stay overnight? Only people who have woken up in the morning here can fully know Pontocho―its alleys wet with water sprinkled on them to keep them cool during the day, geisha and maiko headed off to training…Mornings in a Hanamachi start earlier than you might expect.


  • Pontocho:0.0m

  • Kamo River:50m

  • Minamiza (Theater):200m

  • Shijo-Kawaramachi:200m

  • Gion:400m

  • Yasaka Shrine:650m

  • Nishiki Market:600m

  • Fushimi Inari Shrine:4.5Km

  • Arashiyama:12.0Km

Nishiki Sushi shin

In the middle of the bustle of Nishiki Market, which is often called “Kyoto’s kitchen,” one can find a calm place to eat for people with mature tastes: Nishiki Sushi Shin. At Nishiki Sushi Shin, skilled sushi chefs transform the finest, carefully chosen seasonal ingredients one by one into elegantly flavored pieces of sushi in the edomae style. Taste what the skill of these chefs produce with a cup of sake from the restaurant’s fine selection.

Italiana SAGRA

This renovated Kyo-machiya (traditional townhouse-style low-rise building) offers a traditional Italian cuisine reinterpreted for modern palates. There is a bar on the second floor. The dishes are made with seasonal ingredients, and the experience of enjoying them with cocktails while looking out on the Kamo River is truly exquisite.

Villa Aneyakoji

Aneyakoji is an area full of modern conveniences but still has the air of a place that people actually live. A quiet morning comes. You overslept a little. You decide to take in the morning air with a leisurely stroll around Nijo Castle. For travellers seeking experiences that fit their true selves and a taste of what it feels like to live in Kyoto like a local, we offer seven relaxing guestrooms in this hotel in the middle of the old capital.

Villa Sanjo Muromachi KYOTO

This is a compact luxury villa in Sanjo Muromachi, an area steeped in the history of the old capital. Blending the jubilation and tranquility of the old capital, this hotel was designed with a focus on tradition with innovative style. With a total of 12 rooms, this hideaway offers an elegant taste of the extraordinary.

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