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Say goodnight
to the landmarks
of Kyoto

The mountain-scape of Higashiyama and the surface of the Kamo River illuminated by lights from the city are some of the most well-known scenes of Kyoto―scenes that you have seen on postcards and in guidebooks numerous times. Even though you had mentally prepared for what you would see, when you actually stand at the window of your room and look out on these scenes, you cannot help but be taken aback. Photos cannot fully capture the changing of the seasons. Hurried travel schedules keep you from taking in the calm passage of time. You take slow, deep breaths as you try to savor the fleeting moment, lamenting the approaching end of your journey.


Burbling streams beckon you
from beyond the latticework

Using double eaves, ichimonji (flush-bottomed) tiles, and latticed windows, we have recreated the look and feel of a teahouse so that the structure blends in with the carefully preserved townscape of the geisha district. The tin and green lacquer box at the entrance represents the flow of the Kamo River, and is meant to impart a sense of calm to guests and passersby.

江見 勉
First-class registered architect /
Head of VERY+BIG+COMPANY First-Class Architectural Design Office

Tsutomu Emi

Born in Kyoto in 1973. After graduating from the Kyoto Institute of Technology’s Department of Architecture and Design, School of Science and Technology, Emi worked for Singapore’s Kerry Hill Architects, which has designed numerous luxury hotels such as those by the Aman Resorts group. He later returned to his hometown of Kyoto and founded VERY+BIG+COMPANY. Aside from designing residences, shops, and hotels, he currently serves as a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Architectural Super College of Design.


Glamorous Pontocho is where
you will spend this night

With teahouses and restaurants lining its narrow streets, Pontocho is a Hanamachi, or geisha district, that preserves the mood of the old capital. The Kamo River flows right next to it, and it also connects with the main Shijo Street, so visitors to it can take in prominent natural features, culture, and history of Kyoto all at once.


Luxurious hospitality
for just two groups of guests

With rooms for just two groups of guests per night, Villa Pontocho a hotel designed to feel exclusive. Relying on our wealth of experience in compact hotels, such as Villa Aneyakoji and Villa Sanjo Muromachi Kyoto, we offer guests the ultimate in hospitality.


Let your mind flow with the water
as you gaze on the mist-covered mountain

Through their windows guests can see Mt. Hiei towering in the distance and the gracefully flowing Kamo River. The Edo-era literary figure Rai San'yo was so impressed with this view that he named his own study “Sanshi Suimei-sho,” or the “place of the purple mountain and clear water,” after it. One of the things that Villa Pontocho is proudest of is this view from the guestrooms.



Japanese and Western Room|39.44m2|1~4 Guests




Double‐Bedded Room|26.22m2|1~2 Guests





Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku, Ponto-cho, Shijo Agaru East Side
Zip. 604-8015
Tel. +81-75-744-1952 Fax.075-744-1940

■By Train
3 minutes' walk from Kawaramachi Station "1A Exit" (Hankyu Kyoto Line)
3 minutes' walk from Gion-Shijo Station "4 Exit" (Keihan Line)

■By Car (Guest's Car / Taxi)
Approximately 25 minutes from the Kyoto-Higashi Interchange on the Meishin Expressway
Approximately 25 minutes from the Kyoto-Minami Interchange on the Meishin Expressway
Approximately 15 minutes from JR Kyoto Station
*When you come by car, please use nearby coin parking (charged).